BOMB GONE “Sailor”


In the last five minutes the commander yelled “ALL HANDS ON DECK” so we all ran to position on portside with my head facing starboard. In less than 40 seconds we all get ready for the bomb detonation. We all pray thinking our lives are in danger. 

As we prepare for the bomb explosion we close our eyes and listen to the Broadcast countdown… “60…50…40….30…20…10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Bomb Gone.” When we drew closer to the explosion I felt sweat coming down my face. I felt hot like a magma volcano. I kept covering my eyes and saw the bones of my hands. I gasped thinking everything had been a dream.

The Broadcast counted up to 15 seconds. When we reached 15, the commander yelled “ Stand up, Goggles off, Face the burst “ and so I did exactly that and saw many withered trees and lots of smoke surrounding the area. The radiation grew higher and my skin felt like it was peeling off. Everyone ran back inside the ship to avoid the heat from the radiation.

When we heard a sonic boom. Everyone was screaming and some were trying to cover their ears. When it ended we were checking on each other to make sure all of us were okay. But thanks to the blast I was left with a ringing sound in my head.


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