Emily’s Letter To Friend/Family

Greetings friend, how are you? I hope you’re having a beautiful day.                                                                                                  My parents are bickering  again and it’s making me feel isolated. All I want is a normal childhood. You need to stop worrying about me.


I’ll feel better soon. For now I just need to stay away from our parents. Hopefully things will get better.                      Leaving is probably for the best because I’ve been through some hard times getting bullied at school.                                      My parents arguing all the time and even my Grandma passed away.


I miss her so much ever since she died. I’ve been struggling for a long time.                                                                                       So I fled my house. It’s just that I can’t deal with this. I’m in my usual spot, the place I go when I’m sad.                       Don’t look for me I want to be alone


From Emily 

To Darren: Best friend


The church is God’s place and it does many sacraments such as Baptism. I chose baptism because many people used to go through this and because it reminds me of Jesus