Why We Should Learn To Control Pests

We should control pests because they can endanger the people and the Native life around them. Pests can be dangerous if they are by the Native animals or people or the trees.


The pests can be a problem because they can distract the Native animals babies and themselves and their doing, if the pests get them first the Native animals could end up dead and eaten alive.

Some of the pests can kill the Native life and the Native animals home (the forest). The Native animals, like birds and ground mammals like to make friends with other harmless creatures, but the pests use stealth to sneak quietly up towards a lonely harmless mammal so they can hunger down or share food with their families.


There are a big difference between the Native animals and the pests. The Native animals are harmless to their home and other animals. The pests on the other hand are destructive to the Native life and rude to the Native animals and also the environment. Some pests can make enemies with other animal hunters. Pests can get really out of control and destroy the Native forest and disrupt the Native and hurt the fellow people because they can get disturb of their hunger.

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  1. Ma lo lelei Sililo

    I love your work about Controlling pest keep up the Good work best wishes to you and your family.

    Ma Te Wa


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