Earlier Today we had a visitor from NZ-VR to come and teach us the history of the ocean, the different types of sea animals and a famous sailor SIR PETER BLAKE. This Man told us that Sir Peter Blake was famous for sailing and his history. Sir Peter Blake was sailing when he was at the age of 5 years old, Sadly Peter Blake was shot dead by pirates in Brazil . Then he told us about the different islands and oceans around New Zealand to learn about the different animals. After he told us to put on the headsets to roam and look around the ocean to see the animals.

We were looking around and saw many of the sea animals there were sharks, whales, dolphins and sea-lions. We also learned about the different types of sounds they make, some were funny and the others were interesting to hear. I listened to the whale sound and we found out that it was a HUMPBACK WHALE that it sings in the ocean to communicate with its friends. We even saw how long it would take for a whale to travel 15 kilometers out and back. It took the whale a whole year to do it. Our VR experience was great we saw many islands and oceans around the coast of New Zealand. We loved our time with NZ-VR and even got to know the sea animals a lot.


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