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Martin Luther King

I chose my Advocate to be Martin Luther King this person was one of America’s greatest hero. This person has been through some rough times. I chose Martin Luther King because he fought for civil rights to bring fair laws for everyone. My Advocate has made a difference to the world.


Earlier Today we had a visitor from NZ-VR to come and teach us the history of the ocean, the different types of sea animals and a famous sailor SIR PETER BLAKE. This Man told us that Sir Peter Blake was famous for sailing and his history. Sir Peter Blake was sailing when he was at the age of 5 years old, Sadly Peter Blake was shot dead by pirates in Brazil . Then he told us about the different islands and oceans around New Zealand to learn about the different animals. After he told us to put on the headsets to roam and look around the ocean to see the animals.

We were looking around and saw many of the sea animals there were sharks, whales, dolphins and sea-lions. We also learned about the different types of sounds they make, some were funny and the others were interesting to hear. I listened to the whale sound and we found out that it was a HUMPBACK WHALE that it sings in the ocean to communicate with its friends. We even saw how long it would take for a whale to travel 15 kilometers out and back. It took the whale a whole year to do it. Our VR experience was great we saw many islands and oceans around the coast of New Zealand. We loved our time with NZ-VR and even got to know the sea animals a lot.


BOMB GONE “Sailor”


In the last five minutes the commander yelled “ALL HANDS ON DECK” so we all ran to position on portside with my head facing starboard. In less than 40 seconds we all get ready for the bomb detonation. We all pray thinking our lives are in danger. 

As we prepare for the bomb explosion we close our eyes and listen to the Broadcast countdown… “60…50…40….30…20…10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 Bomb Gone.” When we drew closer to the explosion I felt sweat coming down my face. I felt hot like a magma volcano. I kept covering my eyes and saw the bones of my hands. I gasped thinking everything had been a dream.

The Broadcast counted up to 15 seconds. When we reached 15, the commander yelled “ Stand up, Goggles off, Face the burst “ and so I did exactly that and saw many withered trees and lots of smoke surrounding the area. The radiation grew higher and my skin felt like it was peeling off. Everyone ran back inside the ship to avoid the heat from the radiation.

When we heard a sonic boom. Everyone was screaming and some were trying to cover their ears. When it ended we were checking on each other to make sure all of us were okay. But thanks to the blast I was left with a ringing sound in my head.


WAKA AMA – 2023

15th of March 2023 we were going to the Waka Ama program to learn about rowing and timing. After a few minutes of traveling we arrived at the location called Manukau Outrigger Canoe Club, unpacked our stuff and listened to instructions from our Waka Ama coaches. They were teaching us the proper way to row. and showed us errors in rowing the oars. After we were split up in teams of 10. Alex, Sonasi, Willietony, Daniel and I were happy to be and a team together as we got into the water we started learning the moves we were taught and did some races with the other team. Eventually we lost all the races but one. We thought the other team was cheating because they were rowing out of time and we noticed that we were making mistakes too we were not holding the oar right and we didn’t row at the same time too. But we were just learning how to properly hold the oar and rowing in the same time. Our coach told us the river had some interesting history. The river had some filthy and disgusting rubbish all over the lake and I managed to pick up two. We loved it at Waka Ama and thank the coaches for teaching us.

My CLAY Work

Room 8 is reading Pennies For Hitler by Jackie French. As part of our learning we had to choose a critical moment from one section of the book. My group chose Georg seeing the shocking death of Elizabeth. We created this scene in a day and our rationale for this choice was Georg seeing London in ruins and piles of rubble everything had been cracked and burned down to the ground. Georg strongly felt this place isn’t safe for him.

Our clay work represents Elizabeth Georg’s crush lying on the man’s lap slowly dripping every last ounce of blood away from existence.  The dramatic sighting of London being torn to pieces and Georg having to witness war the 2nd time. Soon after Georg went to find Aunt Mariam and tell her “I’m Hungry” but Georg couldn’t find her and he went to a nearby bench and sat down until Aunt Mariam showed up. After hours of waiting he couldn’t wait and got the bread on his own. Georg soon saw Aunt Mariam calling out his name and went to her and said “Where Were You” and she replied “I Was At Work” and Georg hugged her and smiled at Aunt Mariam.

My Profile

Talofa Lava, Malo lelei, Kamusta, Bula Finaka, Kia Ora My name is Sililo,

I’m thirteen years old and I go to Saint Patrick’s School, I’m in Room 8 and I’m a year 8.

I am Tongan. My favorite things to do are playing with my friends and going to my cousins house.

My favorite sport is soccer and rugby. Pizza is my favorite food, my least favorite is sea food.

I live with my family. I have two siblings, my older brother and my sister and also my parents and my grandpa. 

Thank you for reading and come back to check out my other blogs.

My Samoan Flag – SLJ



This Year the Summer Learning Journey is back on and I have chosen this challenge as my first blog post. This Learning is about explaining the meanings of the colors on the Samoan flag and what it means. This Flag is from the pacific island and is one of the 15 pacific countries.

My Dad is My HERO

My Dad:

Because he is funny and really enjoyable. My dad is really kind and caring to my family. My dad is the best because he is a strong person and he never gives up on looking after me and my family.

My Dad is a hardworking guy and he never fails to keep us safe. My dad spends time cheering me up when I’m sad or angry. My dad loves us all for the way we are and for who we are not.

Question about my Hero:

Q1 : What are your favourite things to do on your spare time?                                               

Q2 : What is easy to do around the house?

Q3 : Who inspired you to fulfil your goal?

Q4 : What is your bedtime routine?

Q5 : Who do you help when they are struggling?

Q6 : Do think having responsibilities is easy to handle?

Q7 : Do you find it hard to concentrate on your work?

Q8 : Who is your HERO?

Q9 : Did you have relationship problems with your friend’s when you were a kid?

Q10 : Do think my Brother, my Sister and I cause so many problems that it’s too much for you to put with?

Things I Inspire About My Dad:

He is a kind hearted, respectful and loving person. My Dad inspires me to look after myself and work very hard at school. My Dad loves all of us for the way we need to be and for the way we don’t want be. My Dad always watches out for us when we’re upset or shamed and angry.

My Dad cares for all of us to be safe and unharmed. My Dad hates it when he sees us being smart, ugly or mean to other people so he tells us to change our attitude. My Dad never gives up on us he always tries to keep from getting hurt, being ugly and get upset or depressed.

Why I chose my Dad:

. Because he is happy for what he accomplished.

. Because he takes good care of me and my siblings.

. He inspires me to keep myself safe and get a good education

. Because he solves my problems with my siblings involved in it.

. Because he makes me smile when I feel down.

. He loves how we act in a good way to other people.



Lifting A Line

Last year a unknown girl was very strange because no one ever knew her name and she never talked to anybody. Everybody was so confused and suspicious, several students approached her and asked her 

“what is your name”. She said “I don’t know” and ran away from the students. Everyone chased her until they went outside and lost track of the girl.


Everyone looked at each other curiously and panic if she got captured or anything but they heard a noise up from above and looked up and saw that the girl was tied to a bunch of balloons and flew far away wondering where she might end up next, but then a few kids threw several tennis balls at her and some of them actually hit the balloons making her flow down. When all of her balloons were gone she fell down and hit her head on a tree and lost consciousness and after a few minutes she regained consciousness and looked around and saw people surrounding her. 


People asked what her name was and she replied with “Sarah“. Sarah the strange girl remembered her past and started to remember everything again: her name, her past and her birthday and once again everything went back to normal. 

This is how my story was started before…

The girl was tied to a bunch of balloons and flew far away wondering where she might end up next. She flew and saw a different neighbourhood and landed on a brick and wood house and saw that no one was inside. The girl climbed down safely and unlocked the door and she was amazed at how beautiful the house looked. 


The girl made herself at home and was suspicious of why the owner would leave his or her house unattended. But the girl got out of the house and walked straight on to another location as she was walking. She got hit from behind and woke up the next day inside a hospital and she had no memory of what happened.


She was confused about what happened and her cut on her head was getting worse and worse. She needed to get out of the hospital as soon as possible but the nurse said that her cut is not bandaged up and she can’t walk with her bruised cut.


But the girl insisted that it’s no big deal and she needed to get out fast so the nurse let her off and was worried about her. The girl went out and walked down the sidewalk and came across a dagger covered with blood and the girl ran away to somewhere safe.

And this is After I Lifted A Line…