WAKA AMA – 2023

15th of March 2023 we were going to the Waka Ama program to learn about rowing and timing. After a few minutes of traveling we arrived at the location called Manukau Outrigger Canoe Club, unpacked our stuff and listened to instructions from our Waka Ama coaches. They were teaching us the proper way to row. and showed us errors in rowing the oars. After we were split up in teams of 10. Alex, Sonasi, Willietony, Daniel and I were happy to be and a team together as we got into the water we started learning the moves we were taught and did some races with the other team. Eventually we lost all the races but one. We thought the other team was cheating because they were rowing out of time and we noticed that we were making mistakes too we were not holding the oar right and we didn’t row at the same time too. But we were just learning how to properly hold the oar and rowing in the same time. Our coach told us the river had some interesting history. The river had some filthy and disgusting rubbish all over the lake and I managed to pick up two. We loved it at Waka Ama and thank the coaches for teaching us.

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