My Dad is My HERO

My Dad:

Because he is funny and really enjoyable. My dad is really kind and caring to my family. My dad is the best because he is a strong person and he never gives up on looking after me and my family.

My Dad is a hardworking guy and he never fails to keep us safe. My dad spends time cheering me up when I’m sad or angry. My dad loves us all for the way we are and for who we are not.

Question about my Hero:

Q1 : What are your favourite things to do on your spare time?                                               

Q2 : What is easy to do around the house?

Q3 : Who inspired you to fulfil your goal?

Q4 : What is your bedtime routine?

Q5 : Who do you help when they are struggling?

Q6 : Do think having responsibilities is easy to handle?

Q7 : Do you find it hard to concentrate on your work?

Q8 : Who is your HERO?

Q9 : Did you have relationship problems with your friend’s when you were a kid?

Q10 : Do think my Brother, my Sister and I cause so many problems that it’s too much for you to put with?

Things I Inspire About My Dad:

He is a kind hearted, respectful and loving person. My Dad inspires me to look after myself and work very hard at school. My Dad loves all of us for the way we need to be and for the way we don’t want be. My Dad always watches out for us when we’re upset or shamed and angry.

My Dad cares for all of us to be safe and unharmed. My Dad hates it when he sees us being smart, ugly or mean to other people so he tells us to change our attitude. My Dad never gives up on us he always tries to keep from getting hurt, being ugly and get upset or depressed.

Why I chose my Dad:

. Because he is happy for what he accomplished.

. Because he takes good care of me and my siblings.

. He inspires me to keep myself safe and get a good education

. Because he solves my problems with my siblings involved in it.

. Because he makes me smile when I feel down.

. He loves how we act in a good way to other people.



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