Lifting A Line

Last year a unknown girl was very strange because no one ever knew her name and she never talked to anybody. Everybody was so confused and suspicious, several students approached her and asked her 

“what is your name”. She said “I don’t know” and ran away from the students. Everyone chased her until they went outside and lost track of the girl.


Everyone looked at each other curiously and panic if she got captured or anything but they heard a noise up from above and looked up and saw that the girl was tied to a bunch of balloons and flew far away wondering where she might end up next, but then a few kids threw several tennis balls at her and some of them actually hit the balloons making her flow down. When all of her balloons were gone she fell down and hit her head on a tree and lost consciousness and after a few minutes she regained consciousness and looked around and saw people surrounding her. 


People asked what her name was and she replied with “Sarah“. Sarah the strange girl remembered her past and started to remember everything again: her name, her past and her birthday and once again everything went back to normal. 

This is how my story was started before…

The girl was tied to a bunch of balloons and flew far away wondering where she might end up next. She flew and saw a different neighbourhood and landed on a brick and wood house and saw that no one was inside. The girl climbed down safely and unlocked the door and she was amazed at how beautiful the house looked. 


The girl made herself at home and was suspicious of why the owner would leave his or her house unattended. But the girl got out of the house and walked straight on to another location as she was walking. She got hit from behind and woke up the next day inside a hospital and she had no memory of what happened.


She was confused about what happened and her cut on her head was getting worse and worse. She needed to get out of the hospital as soon as possible but the nurse said that her cut is not bandaged up and she can’t walk with her bruised cut.


But the girl insisted that it’s no big deal and she needed to get out fast so the nurse let her off and was worried about her. The girl went out and walked down the sidewalk and came across a dagger covered with blood and the girl ran away to somewhere safe.

And this is After I Lifted A Line…


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