Day: September 28, 2022

Mission Day

Last Friday the celebration of Mission day began on the 23rd of September but first we had mass under the canopy to start off the Mission Day for Saint Patrick’s School. There was a lot of fun since it started and there were some raffle tickets for the prizes Magic Cards and other toys for the Lucky students who gets picked the lucky winners of the contest were Willietony, Sulia and Lupe  .

After Morning Tea we had our Te Reo Thon test on a hundred words from Mr Bell and see if we can figure out the words in English and translate them into the correct Maori words. After the test we handed our work to Mr Bell so he can mark how many corrections we got and some wrong answers we also got.

Once Mr Bell called my name I waited to see my Score and total on the test and it turns out I got a hundred out of hundred, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw my score and I was so happy that I got all of the Questions right but some people even got close to a hundred but they weren’t sad because it doesn’t matter if they didn’t get a perfect score because they tried their best.

We even watched a movie called Spirited Away and it was filmed in 2001 about 21 years ago a very long time but we decided to watch the movie anyway. I liked the ending it was my favorite part of the movie because the little girl was surprised that she saw her parents again but her parents seemed really odd they didn’t remember what happen and the little girl was confused.

When the movie ended we packed up the classroom and sat down on the mat to waited to go home but people were still cleaning up because their was a lot of rubbish around the place when we were down cleaning and sat down quietly Mr Bell waited for us to be silent and then we said our ending Karakia for today and once it ended we all walked quietly out the classroom and walked to the front gate and went home.